About Diario Minimo

“Diario Minimo” is the title of a column in an Italian literary magazine “Il  Verri” for which Umberto Eco, one of my very favorite writers and thinkers, was writing his monthly articles. These impressions, later published in one volume under the same name in 1963 (English title “Misreadings”), were very often written on everyday life topics and banal themes, however written in a way that made me become fascinated with Eco’s language, brilliant  thinking and wit  long before i got to know his “blockbuster” – The Name of the Rose , later made into a motion picture with Sean Connery and Christian Slater. I think i must have been sixteen when I read them for the first time and kept coming back to them many times , taking them along with me on my travels. My “Diario Minimo” is not meant to be in any way a copy of this great master’s book , but rather my own impressions on the life as a traveling musician-pianist , living in one of the most exciting places on earth , New York City.